Sunday, February 25, 2007


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand woeds. With that sentiment in mind, I present you with this disturbing peek at my current mental state. Note how alike the gnaw marks upon the cheese are to the frogged edge of my arm cosie. Eerie, no?

Now, at this point I am sure that you are asking yourself what could possibly push a person to the point of committing such acts of carnage...

The reason for missing my lecture today was... "uneeded". It was shortly after this discovery that this photo was taken. I missed two hours of listening to Joan Ray, formerly of the Jane Austen Society of North America, for NOTHING.
The depth of my dissapointment is imeasurable.

OK - Recovery gameplan:

1. Hide depressing arm cosies in remnant box.

2. Hide mutilated parmesean behind tofutti on top shelf in fridge.

3. Start on "Satchel" for Aaron's birthday.

Good plan.

Oh %@!#. I cannot believe that an entire knitting boom was based on a delicate balance of novelty yarn and gianormous needles. Theese 13's feel as though I am knitting with someone's fingers!

Need comfort food.

Mmmm... sliced boca brat, shallots, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, black olives and basil, sauted in copius amounts of wine and olive oil, then topped with far too much grated parmesean.


no, wait...

Urgh. Ate too much grease.

Ok. Will light a candle, break open a new bar of Maya Gold and conquer the anorexic broomsticks. Right.

P.S. I am SO no longer interested in purchasing Twinkle's Big City Knits.